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I worked 8 years along side John Livingston, MD, a talented and well-liked (by his patients) Psychiatrist in Staten Island.  He recognized I had special talents with relieving anxiety and family and marital problems.

Dr. Livingston has now retired, but has written this letter addressed to other Physicians in Staten Island, recommending the use of my services.

Dear Doctor(s) and Staff,

I recently retired after 26 years of Psychiatric practice on Staten Island. During the last eight years of my private practice I worked with Ken Gerber, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), who worked closely with many of my patients, both at my office and at his private practice.

The purpose of this letter is to introduce you to Ken, who is expanding his private practice and opening a new office at 220 Fiske Avenue in Westerleigh, on Staten Island’s North Shore.

I was amazed at Ken’s success using the most recent advances in short-term solution-focused cognitive behavioral therapy, and hypnosis when indicated. Ken’s talents and techniques work equally well with all age groups, including adolescents.

Ken is especially successful treating patients who have pain, anxiety, psychosomatic symptoms and habit disorders, as well as effectively finding short-term solutions for unhappy, stressed-out marriages and troubled families.

Staten Island is fortunate to have the availability of such a skilled clinician as Ken, and I am highly recommending the use of his services for your patients.

Anticipating that you will have the opportunity of referral to Ken, I also wish you and your staff prosperity, peacefulness and success in your future work.

Sincerely yours,

John Livingston, MD, PC


Copyright Ken Gerber, LCSW