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Ken Gerber, LCSW
Staten Island, NY

Individual Therapy, Family Therapy, Marital Therapy


I know that people are confused by the lack of control they have over their emotions and relationships. I will give you the tools to strongly influence the way you feel and act. This will make a difference in your self esteem and your important relationships. My strength is helping people accomplish this as quickly as possible. Individuals, couples and families that I work with often feel a great deal is accomplished in the first session or first few weeks.


People can and do make significant progress after the first session in therapy.
Clients often remark how surprised they are at feeling relaxed and hopeful on the first session. I work with each person, couple and family as unique individuals. I consider our work together collaborative as I learn how to help you from your experience and your goals, not a pre-conceived idea or judgment.

I am a licensed professional with 19 years experience but also a parent, jazz pianist, and practice meditation. What do these things have to do with therapy?

They have taught me that you move faster by slowing down. It has aided my ability to help people get in touch with themselves and reach solutions to their problems. Life and professional experience has taught me patience, and the ability to guide people in a caring, yet efficient manner. Therefore, I will not misuse your valuable time helping you with anxiety, family, marriage and substance abuse problems. My approach is solution focused, letting go of the past and not fearing the future. I also utilize clinical hypnosis when applicable, finding it a valuable tool for anxiety and other disorders.

I will help you accept yourself; identify your abilities and reasonable goals to start moving forward from the first session. Call or email me for an appointment.







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