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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose Therapy Now?
The fact that you are interested in seeking solutions means you are ready for change.

What happens in solution focused/cognitive therapy?
We identify self-limiting beliefs and behaviors that prevent individuals, couples and families from moving towards what is wanted. Positive results are generally achieved within a short time period.

Will I Feel Comfortable in Therapy?
I am patient and will not judge you. You will only have to talk about whatever is necessary to help you. All conversations are totally confidential.

Can Solution Focused Therapy Help With Child and Adolescent Issues?
We will identify what works for your children, what you need to do less of and what new things you can do to find solutions to your child or teen’s issues.

Can Relaxation Therapy Help Me?
I have specialized with anxiety/OCD/panic disorder patients since 1994 with Dr. Livingston and then in private practice. I will have you experience relaxation in therapy sessions and give you the tools to learn how to relax your self apart from the sessions.

How Long Does Therapy Take?
Usually people come weekly for the first few sessions. After that sessions are scheduled as per the need of the client or family. Some people come weekly, some twice a month and some three or four times per year. Many people and families only need a few sessions. I will make you feel comfortable, not rush you, and efficiently guide you towards relief and satisfaction. I don’t consider therapy a life long practice as people grow in many other ways and pursuits. I consider good therapy as giving the client the tools to move forward on their own. Therapy is complete when you decide you have reached your goals and are finished.

I enjoy the process of therapy and look forward to working with each person I come in contact with. If this feels right to you, please contact me at your convenience to set up a consultation.

When Are Sessions Available?
The office is open Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays during the day. Evening hours are available during the week.fact that you are interested in seeking solutions means you are ready for change.


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